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Red Cedar Logs

Our logs are eastern aromatic red cedar. It is a beautiful wood with a pinkish-purple to orange-brown color, usually marked with creamy white marbling. Small crews and landowners selectively cut and deliver these logs to a small sawmill that squares them for us. We then custom mill the logs, "D-shaped" (flat on the inside and round on the outside) and tongue and groove on the top and bottom to help weather-seal them. They are 6" x 6" in 8' lengths, with rough cut ends. This is not a kit. You must come up with your own floorplans and order the correct number of logs for your project. We use a through-bolt system when we assemble our log homes. We think it is the superior method of assembly. You, however, may assemble your logs any way you wish. A typical 8' log wall is 17 logs high.

The color of a cedar log ranges from red-violet to red-orange when fresh, often with creamy-white marbling. It soon begins to fade to light yellow-brown and eventually to gray. Although cedar is very resistant to rot, we recommend applying an exterior grade sealer with UV protection to the exterior surfaces when it has reached the desired shade of color. This will prolong its weather resistance to the greatest possible number of years.

We accept all sizes of orders, from a single log to enough for a whole house or more. When ordering, please allow 3-4 months for processing. This will allow time for drying and milling of the logs.


D-SHAPED HOUSE LOGS: D-shaped house logs, solid red cedar, 6"x6"x8', tongue & groove, $68.00 each.

BLANK LOGS: These are square "blanks" aromatic red cedar, 6" x 6" in 8' lengths, with rough cut ends. They are great for all kinds of projects, including fences and posts. 6x6 rough sawn, wet $50.00 each.

We accept payments in cash, credit or debit card, or by check or money order, whether in-person, over the phone, or by mail using our PRINTABLE ORDER FORM!

Please call ordering information logs and hardware!
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