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Steps to Building Your Log Home

This is what you feel like when you move in to your new home!

These are the steps we recommend to our customers:

1. Sketch out a rough floorplan. It can be drawn to scale on graph paper or simply a rough idea of where you want each room. Make changes to the floorplan so it suits your needs.

2. Make an idea book of magazine pictures that show what you would like your home to look like. Maybe you've seen a bathroom vanity that would be perfect for you, or a style of window that you love. Put it in your idea book!

3. Send the rough floorplans to us for an estimate. If you have specific wishes for type of flooring or wall covering in a particular room, be sure and let us know, otherwise we will make an allowance for a good quality item at an avarage price. We will make suggestions that could make your floorplan flow a little better, or maybe make a small change that could save you lots of money. Whether the idea is used in the final home, however, is up to you. We will draw computerized floorplans and make a detailed estimate listing all the materials and labor needed to complete your home.

4. Feel free to make any changes you wish. Just sketch right on the floorplans as much as you need. We'll make the changes and adjust the estimate.

5. When you have your final floorplans and estimate in hand, secure funding. Whether you will be borrowing from the bank or spending your own money, it's best to be sure you have the funds secure before we make a contract. Feel free to use our Mortgage Calculator to estimate your mortgage payment.

6. Sign a contract with us. The contract secures your place on our building calendar, which is extremely important because we build homes one at a time. We require non-refundable material and labor deposits with the signed contract. Our calendar is filled in the order contracts are signed. We cannot hold a spot on our calendar without a signed contract and deposit money. We build our homes one at a time, focusing on finishing one home before we begin another.

7. You may check out the homestores and make choices for your home as we work through each step of the construction. We are happy to guide you and help you make the best choices for your home.

8. When you home is complete, all that's left to do is move in and enjoy!

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